Let your customers share their amazing experience

What we do for you

Create lasting memories

Stand out from paid adveertising as your customers share their exciting action photos, framed in your branding with their social network.

Pays for itself... plus some

Tired of expensive marketing and social media campaigns with limited reach? Customers share their photos, exposing you to a broad audience of like-minded individuals.

Automated Marketing

Our system is completely white-glove. Our expert team will continually monitor to ensure you are making the most of your new-found social reach.

Our DSLR camera unit mounts unobtrusively
Simple and worry free operation

How does it work?

Our experienced team handles the installation and maintenance and monitoring of your BoostFoto service.

  • Camera mounted and connected to your timing system
  • BoostFoto takes photos and notifies drivers
  • Drivers share your branded photos to social media
Have questions? We have answers!

Frequently asked questions

How long does setup take

Once you have an installation location with power and data available, installation and perfecting the shot is typicaly complete in a few short hours.

Can I add sponsor logos to the photos

Yes! Let your mind go wild with sponsor logos, holiday-themed branding or even advertisements of special events or promotions that you have to offer.

What results can I expect?

We see an amazing open rate around 40%. Contrast this to other marketing campaigns of 2-5% and the advantages of BoostFoto are clear.

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